University of Vermont

Hosted database services

Enterprise Technology Services manages MySQL database servers that any UVM affiliate can use. We take care of configuration, maintenance, and backups so you can concentrate on querying your data.

MySQL Database Service

What is WebDB?

WebDB provides a MySQL database service for UVM affiliates. MySQL is a highly popular relational database server used by millions of companies worldwide. It provides most of the features of database servers such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, or DB2, while often performing much faster. Most databases on WebDB are used for dynamic web applications such as blogs, news sites, and forums, but you can use your database however you like.

Using & Connecting

MySQL libraries are available for all popular programming languages. It also works with ODBC-compliant applications such as Microsoft Access. For you protection, WebDB is only accessible from the UVM campus network or a VPN connection into the campus network.

Stability & Data Recovery

WebDB has multiple servers so that quick service migration can occur for maintenance or in case problems arise. Daily database backups and real-time query logs allow for your data to be restored to a previous point in time, should information be accidentally lost or corrupted.

Big data accomodations

We have a seperate WebDB service specially tuned for those with particularly large data sets. Contact Systems Architecture & Administration for more information.